"Works great!!!"
"Very easy intall can\\\'t wait to use it."
"It works as advertised, no fogging so far. It also makes a big difference in helping alleviate skin irritation by shaving in the shower. This fog-proof mirror..."
"It really doesn\\\'t fog up in the shower! Neat!!"
"Fantastic product and very easy to install. One of the best shower heads I\\\'ve ever had."
"Product is working great so far!"
"Finally, a fog free shower mirror that actually performs as promised. I love it!"
"I just installed this product on Nov 24 2011 due to my mother came to visit over Thanksgiving weekend. She is a short lady & this product appeared it would be..."
"Looks good & easy assembled."
"Love it!"
-- Chucik S. in Richmond, KY
-- David S. in Sidney, OH
-- Gary N. in Mount Airy, North Caro
-- Patrick M. in Midwest City, Oklahoma
-- Robert F. in Bloomfield Hills, MI
-- Jeremy D. in Perry, Oklahoma
-- Randy P. in Valparaiso, In
-- Robert B. in Ewa Beach, Hi
-- Martin H. in Garner, NC
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Wall Street Journal – Shower Head Article

written by ShowerTek

Green Choice Showerhead – BUY NOW
The shower is one of the biggest home water wasters, alongside lawn sprinklers and toilets. Most days, studies have found, the average American spends about eight blissful minutes in the shower, using some 20 gallons of water. That is more efficient than a bath, which typically uses at least 30 gallons. Yet Americans use the shower much more than the tub. And of all the water wasters in the house, the shower is among the hardest to tame, because people go to extraordinary lengths to protect it.

The big hope is that new technology will allow people to have greener showers and enjoy them, too. In this case, the goal is a turbocharged shower head that sprays a mixture of minimal water and maximal air.

The Environmental Protection Agency is hoping to guide consumer choices. Its WaterSense program stamps a seal of approval on bathroom fixtures that save water but perform well. The labels, already affixed to some toilets and faucets, are scheduled next year to go on shower heads. The EPA’s proposal is to label shower heads that spray less than two gallons per minute, the target the agency thinks is beneficial and realistic. That would result in an average eight-minute shower that uses some 16 gallons of water, 20% less than with a conventional shower head.


Recyclequeen Reviews Green Choice Shower Head

written by ShowerTek

Green Choice Showerhead – BUY NOW

See what RecycleQueen has to say about our Green Choice Showerhead below:

“The other day, we purchased a Shower Tek – Green Choice Adjustable Showerhead. This is a 2-head shower head, with both a wall-mounted and handheld head. It has adjustable spray patterns, and the big water saving feature is the ability to regulate the flow from either head. The packaging claims the decreased water and energy use will add up to a $250/yr savings for a family of 4. For a $34 price tag, that’s not a bad return on investment.”

Here are my thoughts on the product:

  • Nice looking – reminds me of the shower heads at some nice hotels I’ve stayed at.
  • Easy to adjust the flow. It contains a 2.5 gpm flow restrictor as required by law, but also allows easy adjustment of the flow down to a trickle if need be. I found that when rinsing off, the full flow was nice, but when lathering up it was easy (and painless) to turn it down to a much lower flow.
  • Different spray patterns – although some of the spray patterns didn’t allow for much flow. Probably not a clear replacement for a shower-massage shower head, but it might be nice for homes with more water pressure than we have (see caveat below).
  • Easy to install. Almost took longer to get it out of its packaging than to install.

RecycleQueen’s 2 cents: I LOVE THIS SHOWER HEAD! I like a good challenge so taking a shower with only 1/2 of the water I normally used makes me feel like I win – but I know that actually our resources win. I highly recommend this product.


Water Conservation Tips by the National Wildlife Federation

written by ShowerTek

Green Choice Showerhead – BUY NOW

“You drink it. You cook with it. You bathe with it. You play in it. How often do you stop and think about it? If you’re like many Americans, you probably don’t give water much thought. But today is a good day to change that.

People and wildlife depend on water to live, but if we don’t make efforts to conserve and protect this valuable resource, we may be putting all living beings at risk.”

Conserve water in the bathroom by using a low-flow showerhead like the Green Choice Showerhead.

Read more water conservation tips from the NWF at www.nwf.org/water/waterconservation.cfm.


100 Ways to Conserve Water by wateruseitwisely.com

written by ShowerTek

water use it wisely
Green Choice Showerhead – BUY NOW

“There are a number of ways to save water, and they all start with you.”

Reason #42: Use a water-efficient showerhead. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and can save you up to 750 gallons a month.

Go to wateruseitwisely.com to check out the other 99 ways to conserve water!


Re-nest Reviews the Green Choice Showerhead

written by ShowerTek

re-nest-blogGreen Choice Showerhead – BUY NOW

We just got written up in Re-nest for our Green Choice Showerhead. See what they had to say:

“We’ve talked about Navy showers here before. But, honestly, to us there is nothing worse than being cold in the shower … and unless you live in a tropical climate, turning the water off while shampooing can be a surefire recipe for goosebumps. That’s why we like the idea behind this new Green Choice Power Shower Showerhead by Showertek…

The Green Choice showerhead ($24.95 and available at Costco) lets you almost take a Navy shower. We think of it as a Navy shower for wimps.

The showerhead has a little green dial that lets you control the water pressure during your shower. Turn it way down (but stay warm) while you lather up and shampoo, then turn the pressure back up to normal as you rinse off. An easy way to save water in the shower.”


Neo Gadgets reviews the Chrome Wall Unit Duo

written by ShowerTek

neo-gadgets-blog Combo Power Shower: Chrome Wall Unit Duo – BUY NOW

See what Neo Gadgets has to say about our Combo Power Shower: Chrome Wall Unit Duo below:

“ShowerTek company gives their customers a choice when it comes to their water flow. You can choose your impact on water flow and the amount you want to spend.”


Review in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

written by ShowerTek

post-gazette-blogFog Free Shower Mirror – BUY NOW

We had a writeup in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this week. See what they had to say about our Fog Free Shower Mirror and Green Choice Low-flow shower heads:

“Think dad might like a close and nick-free shave? It doesn’t get any better than shaving in the shower. If the dad in your family is like us and likes to shave in the shower, he’ll love the Fog Free Shower Mirror from the folks at ShowerTek. What sets this apart from other shower mirrors is a unique copper coil system that utilizes a small amount of water from the shower to heat the mirror and prevent it from fogging up.

In addition, there are no suction cups to fail. The unit mounts inline with the shower goose neck and shower head using a 5-inch flexible, stainless steel neck. The mirrors are 6-inches in diameter and include both single and two-sided models with magnification. It’s attractive, easy to install and even has a nifty razor hanger.

By the way, mom will like this one too as it’s great for removing make-up in the shower.”

“Worried about using too much water by shaving in the shower? ShowerTek has the answer with their Green Choice low-flow shower head that allows water pressure control via a built-in knob, which ranges from ‘pause’ to ‘full flow’ settings.”


Welcome to the ShowerTek Blog!

written by ShowerTek

Hi Everyone!

Returning visitors might have noticed some pretty dramatic changes to the site. We’ve got a great new look, and a brand new blog to boot! Check back frequently, there will be a little bit of everything here. We’ll chronicle our continued efforts to push the envelope in the fields of deluxe shower supplies (have you seen our new Green Choice showerheads?) and innovative LED lighting solutions (check out the HUGlight!) We’ll also keep you abreast of the latest developments in the ongoing dialogue on water conservation, an issue that’s on more and more peoples’ minds as we realize we must unite and move toward an environmentally-responsible, sustainable future. Basically, if we think it’s interesting, and shower-related, you’ll find it here. We invite you to visit often and we hope that this blog will help us to converse more informally with you, our customers.